The use of nitrogen in bottling

Wineplease enodispensers use the most advanced technology, the passion for wine and the action of Siad nitrogen, which blend into a product capable of maintaining the pleasure of wine for a long time.

Wineplease is the result of the meeting between the most advanced technology in cold forming and CNC machining of metal sheets of Cioncolini Srl, the action of food nitrogen and a great passion, one that Daniele Cioncolini, owner of the company, cultivates always for the world of wine.

Nitrogen in enology is now widespread

This inert gas is used to prevent the oxidation of wine and therefore to preserve its taste, color and properties. Nitrogen finds its application mainly in two phases, the inertization of the tanks and the bottling.

The oxygen that is removed from the tank or the bottle is that present in the head space and such removal is necessary whatever the container used, therefore both for the smaller bottle and for the larger tank.

Using a nitrogen generator instead of bottled gas is convenient both in terms of management and reliability and in economic terms. The alimentary nitrogen manages to preserve the pleasure of the wine just uncorked up to six weeks from the opening of the bottle.

Gas “discreet”, nitrogen leaves no traces of itself: odorless, colorless and tasteless, it is felt only through its beneficial effects, guardian of precious bouquets and all the noble virtues that wine contains.

Chiara – 12 March 2018