Wine? Yes, but at the glass. Here is the new trend of the last years

The future of wine, even in the restaurant, is no longer the bottle, but it is in the cup. Those who drink wine by the glass to save money, who to avoid drinking too much, those who love to taste – in smaller quantities – more labels during a dinner, and perhaps combine their wine with each dish.

What are the types of wine most sought in 2018? Bubbles, possibly native, sought-after wines of small winemakers, and consumers increasingly younger, more informed and aware, who prefer the organic labels and precisely the tastings by the glass, more and more widespread practice appreciated by restaurateurs.

Thanks to the evolution of technology that today, thanks to enodispenser such as Wineplease, allows to keep uncorked bottles for days while keeping the organoleptic characteristics of the wine unaltered.

This mode of consumption is making an ever-increasing affirmation in both the wine and tasting sectors and the catering sector. The sale of wine by the glass undoubtedly makes it accessible in terms of price even the most valuable labels, often too expensive for many, as well as allowing a greater possibility of choice both in tastings and in combinations with the different courses within the same meal .

So we are witnessing the emergence of a wine consumption method that favours quality over quantity. And you? What do you think about selling wine by the glass? Have you ever taken advantage of this possibility? Do you appreciate the rooms that offer it?